Accelerate Self-Test

To Whom: This test is meant for you if you are working in a start-up or in a more established company developing a new product or service.

What: This test helps you evaluate the status of your product or service innovation development and gives ideas of how to proceed successfully from an idea to a scaled-up, profit generating product or service. The test questions are easy, check-list items with three values to choose from:

As feedback, you will get a clear picture of where your main focus should be and you will also get ideas as to how to address these issues. We at VTT have developed this test based on the results of the Accelerate research project.

Confidentiality of the information: To get the test feedback, you will be asked to give some general background information of your company. We will use this information to accumulate data about the companies’ main challenges in the acceleration process. Your name or company name will not be asked, but if you want to discuss more about how to speed up your innovation acceleration, we are happy to help you do so. Contact Dr. Päivi Jaring via email: or

Before starting, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our four phase acceleration model, so that you can identify correctly the phase where you are. You can do the test for one phase only or go through several phases.

Phases of Acceleration

Idea stage

The focus of the Idea stage is to find a problem worth solving and understand it in detail. The problem must be important enough to create a solid foundation for a new business. In this phase the initial concept and vision of the business opportunities are specified, and people needed to get the development work going are gathered. The main activities in this stage are research, ideation and exploration. DO THE TEST FOR THIS STAGE >

Problem/Solution Fit

In the Problem/Solution Fit phase, a solution with real demand to the earlier identified problem will be specified. At least one real customer needs to be found before going further from this phase. The main activities of this phase are the development and validation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its value proposition. DO THE TEST FOR THIS STAGE >

Product/Market Fit

The Product/Market Fit phase focuses on validating your solution, market strategy and business model. It was enough to find one real customer in the Solution discovery phase, but now the aim is to acquire and retain more customers to prove that your business model works. The key activities in this phase are generating a business model and testing it. DO THE TEST FOR THIS STAGE >


The Scaling phase focuses on growth and it is the final step. You will get ready to scale-up and to find ways to grow quickly. This is the phase where you will reap the results of the work and investments made in the earlier phases. DO THE TEST FOR THIS STAGE >

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